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Digital Marketing Specialist
Associate, Full-time, Salaried

In this role, you will be responsible for managing budget and optimizing creative across multiple advertising platforms to hit performance metrics goals. You will play a vital role in the ad creation process and work 1:1 with the creative director and videographer, to determine the story line, messaging, copy and look to all creative. Additionally, you will be responsible for defining the audience and experimenting within the targeting strategy. A basic to intermediate understanding of performance metric analysis, how to calculate Cost-per-Action, analyze results of A/B tests, and define a full customer acquisition funnel from top to bottom.

Preferred Experience in:

- Microsoft Excel

- Basic data analysis

- Digital campaign management – Facebook and Google advertising consoles

- Creative strategy and asset development

- A/B Tests

- Landing Page optimization

- Ad copywriting

- Project management

- Keyword bid setting and management


General Skills:

- Eager to wear multiple hats within the company and learn new things

- Want to work in a small, dynamic team

- Self-driven in solving problems, but enjoys collaboration

- Passionate about finding the right people who will benefit from our product

- Has an eye for detail

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Video Ad Designer

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